TASMANIAN TIGER Tac Muff Hand Warmer Coyote Braun

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  • Tac Muff Hand Warmer Coyote Braun
  • Tac Muff Hand Warmer Coyote Braun
  • Tac Muff Hand Warmer Coyote Braun
  • Description
    Cold hands despite the gloves, limited mobility because of half-frozen fingers, slow reactions…we all know the perks of a mission in bitterly cold winter temperatures. Tasmanian Tiger has added a piece of equipment to its winter collection that is as simple as it is brilliant: the tactical hand warmers Tasmanian Tiger Tac Muff Hand Warmer. Wear it with your gloves or alone, it will make a difference, believe us. Firstly, the 700DEN Cordura is your material for rough missions in all weather. It’s robust, long-lasting and reliable. Now that one is combined with a Microfleece padding on the inside PLUS a layer of T-insulation between Nylon and Fleece. The material combination keeps you warm and still offers the robustness that a tactical product requires. . Just close the hand inserts on the sides by tightening the bungee cord to avoid cold coming in from the sides. Another tactical feature is the M.O.L.L.E. and P.A.L.S. system with which you can attach your gear, clothes, chest rig or whatever to the Muff. So how did we survive without the Tasmanian Tiger Tac Muff Hand Warmer until now?

    - Tactical hand warmer
    - Hand insert with elastic bungee cord closure
    - Additional heat-insulating layer of padded T-Insulation between the main and lining materials
    - Attachment to M.O.L.L.E. or other belts
    - Fleece inner side
    - Elastic mesh prevents heat loss

  • Attributes
    Color: Brown
    Material: 700DEN Cordura / T-Microfleece den / T-Insulation
    Model: Tac Muff Hand Warmer
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  • Product reviews

    Benjamin-Timo H 12 December 2021

    Hab diesen Muff jetzt auch schon draußen ausprobiert, obwohl es noch nicht so kalt war. Die Hände bleiben sehr warm. Wenn man nicht immer Handschuhe tragen möchte ist dieser Muff optimal. Hätte mir aber auch gewünscht dass ein Trageriemen bei ist. Aber bei TT gibt es genug Zubehör um das Problem zu lösen. Show more Show less


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