Haba Terra Kids Pulley

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  • Description

    For little heavy lifters

    The HABA Terra Kids pulley system allows our little explorers to gather their first experience with practical, applied physics while effortlessly hoisting even heavy loads into tree houses or bunk beds.
    Half the weight, double the fun
    Thanks to the dual pulley setup, the force needed to lift loads is reduced by half. Thanks to the modular design the pulley system can be configured for use with one or two pulleys in order to experience the resulting differences. The rope can also be used solo for other adventures. With a lifting height of 3m, the 9 meter long rope with 30 kg of load capacity is sufficient to supply goods even to tree houses and bunk beds in lofty heights.

    Big guy tools with a small form factor

    HABA's Terra Kids line gives young adventurers high-quality tools to quench their thirst for knowledge and find out how the world around them works.
    The pulley is no exception. The set of durable nylon rope, metal pulleys with smooth-running plastic wheels paired with threaded metal chain links are beyond what is often expected of conventional toys, giving young and old alike a great time exploring the world.

    - Modular pulley system with two pulleys: reducing the lifting force by 50%
    - Sturdy metal pulleys with smooth-running plastic rollers
    - 9m long durable nylon rope
    - 2 threaded chain links to secure the pulley and the load
    - Playful discovery of physical principles
  • Attributes
    Color: Orange
    Brand: HABA
    Material: Polyamide / Metal
    Model: Terra Kids Pulley System
    Sex: Unisex
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