Arcturus 3D Leaf Suit - Fall Forest

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  • 3D Leaf Suit - Fall Forest
  • 3D Leaf Suit - Fall Forest
  • Description
    The Arcturus 3D Leafy Camo Suit is a super light, comfortable and silent three dimensional camouflage suit. This suit consists of a lightweight polyester mesh shell which is covered with over a thousand leaves designed to break up your outline and form. These leaves give this suit amazing depth allowing you to blend into your environment. The entire suit weighs 18 oz (ML size) and packs easily a large pocket or small bag.

    SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT, LESS THAN 2 POUNDS - Made on a thin but strong mesh base, the 3d leaf suit is very breathable which makes it perfect for use in hot climates. It is also very portable and comes in its own drawstring bag.

    DOES NOT SNAG OR PICK UP DEBRIS - Unlike traditional ghillie suits, the 3D leaves do not catch onto branches, pick up twigs and stickers. This camo suit stays relatively dirt free, keeping you light on your feet. This suit is great for heavily wooded areas, areas with thick and tall brush. But it is also equally effective in open grass plains.

    SOFT LARGE DYNAMIC LEAVES. Our detailed deep leaf cuts make the leaves stand out more, giving you more depth in your 3D profile. Each suit over 1000 3D leaves. We use a special material that produces a soft yet firm leaf. This causes the leafs to protrude more but also allows them to sway in the wind giving you additional dynamic camouflage.

    CARRYING BAG INCLUDED, TWO PIECE JACKET AND PANTS SET - This suit comes with a hooded, full front zippered jacket and pants with an elastic waist and drawstring and bag.
  • Attributes
    Model: 3D Leaf Suit
    Material: Polyester
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    M/L deliverable in 2-3 business days €174.90
    XL/XXL deliverable in 2-3 business days €174.90
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