AeroPress AeroPress Coffee & Espressomaker w/ Tote Carry Bag

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  • AeroPress Coffee & Espressomaker w/ Tote Carry Bag
  • AeroPress Coffee & Espressomaker w/ Tote Carry Bag

  • Description

    Delicious coffee - no matter where you are

    The AeroPress Coffee Maker is a revolutionary mechanical coffee brewer that makes an honest cup of coffee without any gimmicks. American Alan Adler invented the AeroPress system in 2005 in search of a better way to brew a single cup of full-bodied coffee without always brewing a whole pot, combining the benefits of French Press and classic hand filtration without their respective drawbacks. Keeping coffee simple since 2005.

    Compact and robust

    The AeroPress not only shines in the home kitchen, but is also an ideal companion for travel or outdoor adventures. The robust cylinder made of durable plastic has a small pack size and requires nothing but coffee powder and hot water. It takes about a minute to brew a cup of java, whether at the campsite, bivouac camp or at the summit. After the coffee grounds have been ejected with a rich plopp, only clear rinsing is required and the AeroPress is ready for storage. In addition to the standard accessories, this variant of the item also includes an original AeroPress nylon tote bag.

    Classic or experimental - the choice is yours

    The success of the AeroPress is due to the fact that it has never been easier to make really good coffee without expensive equipment or a cheeky barista mustache. In addition to the inventor's classic receipe, there is the option of experimenting with parameters such as temperature, coffee-to-water ratio and brewing time to customize the coffee to your own preferences.

    No compromise on material

    Strict guidelines apply to food grade plastics. The choice of material is even more important when the materials come into contact with hot fluids. The AeroPress makers choose polypropylene for the piston and cylinder, and silicone for the piston seal. Both plastics are known for their thermal and mechanical resistance and arenon-toxic in contact with food.

    Complete with all accessories

    The AeroPress Coffee & Espresso Maker set includes not only the AeroPress Coffee Maker, but also many useful accessories. In addition to 350 micro-filter papers, a dosing spoon as well as a stirring rod made of plastic, which is gentle to the inside of the AeroPress when stirring, ensure that you can get started right away. The included funnel completes the set and supports the spill-free filling of the ground material into the cylinder. All components can be organized in the handy AeroPress tote bag made of nylon.

    - Single Cup Brewing: uncomplicated preparation of a single cup of coffee in about 60 sec.
    - Uncomplicated handling: brew coffee, squeeze coffee grounds, rinse off
    - High quality and robust: main components made of polypropylene and seal made of silicone
    - Very light: 182 g
    - Includes 350 paper filters with holder, dosing spoon, stirring rod, filling funnel and nylon tote carry bag
    - Significantly lower acid content than e.g. French Press preparations
    - Small pack size, ideal for taking with you when traveling: 28,7 x 12,7 x 10,7 cm
  • Attributes
    Color: Black
    Dimensions: 28,7 x 12,7 x 10,7 cm
    Brand: AeroPress
    Model: Coffee & Espressomaker
    Material: Polypropylene / Silicone
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