5.11 Tactical Tactec Trainer WGT Vest Tungsten

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Other available variants

  • Tactec Trainer WGT Vest Tungsten
  • Tactec Trainer WGT Vest Tungsten
  • Tactec Trainer WGT Vest Tungsten
  • Tactec Trainer WGT Vest Tungsten
  • Description

    Weight vest for military fitness sessions

    After 5.11 Tacticals plate carriers have been used for a long time as weight vests for military fitness and have set the standard for functional training sessions, 5.11 has now introduced the Tactec Trainer WGT Vest, a training vest that was developed exclusively for the purpose of weighted training.

    With an even better fit, a directly training-specific, robust polyester 600 den and attachment options for the 5.11 weight plates, Rogue weight plates or the Tactec Weight Plate Sandbag, the Tactec Trainer WGT Vest is ideal for functional training sessions.  

    Breathable material

    5.11 has processed the robust polyester in the weight vest due to its good moisture management. In addition breathable mesh pads on the shoulder straps and breathable mesh body pads are responsible for a comfortable feel: No matter how sweaty it is, the body does not heat up unnecessarily under the vest and the moisture is wicked away from the skin.

    Universal size

    For an ideal fit, the vest is available in a universal size that can be individually adjusted: The adjustable shoulder straps can be optimally adjusted to any size, and the adjustable stretch cummerbund is also used for fit; it is flexible and keeps the vest snug against the body even when overhead exercises are performed. Also incorporated into the flexible cummerbund are shallow zippered pockets that are ideal for loose change, your car keys or phone. By the way, the TacTec Trainer Weight Vest is compatible with the 5.11 PC Convertible Hydration Carrier for the necessary hydration.

    Weights and Attachments

    The tactical versatility of a plate carrier has remained with the Tactec Trainer WGT Vest carrier, as laser cut M.O.L.L.E on the back and woven M.O.L.L.E platforms in the front and back provide ample carrying capacity for additional pouches or attachments.

    Weight plates and weights attach to internal tethers so they sit securely in the vest.

    • Training weight vest
    • Fits 5.11 and Rogue weight plates and Tactec Weight Plate Sandbag
    • Adjustable yoke shoulder straps with breathable mesh padding
    • Adjustable stretch cummerbund with pockets and M.O.L.L.E
    • ID loop and 6x1 name tape
    • Front web M.O.L.L.E platform
    • Top admin front pocket with hook/loop closure and pull tab
    • internal plate retention straps
    • Breathable mesh body pads
    • Rear loop laser-cut and web M.O.L.L.E
    • PC Convertible Hydration Carrier compatible
    • 600D Polyester
  • Attributes
    Color: Brown / Gray
    Type / Function: Fitness vest, Molle-System
    Material: Polyester 600 den
    Model: TactecTrainerWGTVest
    Sex: Unisex
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