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Our Philosophy

"Action speaks louder than words!" - at TACWRK we work with the very same principle. We won't make any grand promises but rather convince you with actions. Our goal is to offer our clients more than just equipment and apparel.

Along with major international brands such as TASMANIAN TIGER, 5.11 TACTICAL or BLACKHAWK, we also offer exclusive brands like TRIPLE AUGHT DESIGN, ARC'TERYX LEAF, and CRYE PRECISION, which usually are very hard to find in retail stores. We expand our range constantly in order to keep an eye out for new developments.
one very special brand exclusively in Germany: BEAVERFIT. The British company manufactures patented sports equipment for functional training - ideal for fitness and rehabilitation in deployment. BeaverFit's systems are easy to transport and quickly assembled.

In addition, personal service is very important to us. We are convinced, that things can best be dealt with in person. Our team in Berlin consists of former soldiers and guys with experience from Afghanistan - most certainly enough background-knowledge to master your inquiries.

We look forward to your challenges.

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