For Kestrel, weather is a serious issue. The teams of Nielsen-Kellerman and KestrelMeters, the creators of the Kestrel products, research, design, manufacture and distribute Kestrel instruments for 10 years. Richard Kellerman and Paul Nielsen, the founders, have made it their mission to produce the most accurate and reliable hand-held weather devices. Four patented technologies have been developed for the Kestrel product family, and new and ever-evolving researches are being conducted to provide customers with high-end products and state of the art technologies.

In the military sector, accurate wind speed data can be vital - for the jump-off zone of the parachute jumpers, for engineering work or snipers and artillery specialists. To know the weather conditions on the spot, to interpret them and to plan a mission accordingly, is essential. Sudden and unexpected weather changes can be dangerous. Kestrel devices predict an approaching storm as well as winds or rain for example. They help you to make safe and reliable decisions for your mission. Kestrel's products are also highly appreciated by hobbyists. All customer groups agree in one thing though: the reliability and robustness of the Kestrel instruments is unmatched.


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